Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Putting The Bedokian Portfolio to the Test

After much promotion and ramblings of The Bedokian Portfolio, I have decided to put it to the test.
To make it more personalised, let us name the owner of the portfolio as Bob. Bob had finished reading The Bedokian Portfolio and would want to use SGD30,000 earmarked for investment to implement it. He would start off as a passive investor and concentrate on the local market, but as time goes by he would be taking on a more active role and venture into overseas markets.

Once in a while in this blog, I would be sharing Bob’s thinking and analysis on certain investment decisions and transactions, with guidelines from The Bedokian Portfolio.

I will be using an online portal called SGXCafe to do up the demonstration Bedokian Portfolio. It is a good site to tabulate and record your investments and/or trades on a portfolio basis. 

Why not use my own Bedokian Portfolio, you may ask. There are a couple of reasons why: Firstly, I want the demonstration portfolio to start off from a clean slate; mine was not, since I had transited from a trading portfolio to an investment one over the course of some six months. Secondly, I would want to use a portfolio that new investors could relate to, and for seasoned ones looking for an alternative methodology.

The demonstration portfolio will start on 3 Jan 2017, the first market-trading day of the new year, so do keep a lookout.

Last but not least, the usual disclaimer applies, and being a long-term investment, there may not be changes for weeks or even months in the portfolio. The Bedokian Portfolio’s time horizon is at least 10 years1, so please bear with it.

1 – The Bedokian Portfolio, p viii.

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