Sunday, April 21, 2024

What, Me Worry?

The phrase above came from none other than Alfred E. Neuman. In case you did not know this person, he was neither a famous investor nor a historical figure; he is a fictional character created by the now-defunct Mad Magazine, which for those who remembered, was a series of parody-laden illustrated magazines that would tickle your mind.

The significance of the phrase is obvious: the United States (US) and local markets, where most Singaporean investors were vested at, took a heavy beating over the last couple of weeks. Delayed interest rate cuts, drones and missiles flying everywhere, and a slew of other happenings big and small had provided enough bad-news juice to bring the markets down. With all these, do they warrant enough worrying on your end?

Not really for us. This is, to quote a department store’s motto: “the sale worth waiting for is now on!”.

I had said in my previous post that we had gone into some real estate investment trusts (REITs), and we did not stop there; we had added positions to Apple at USD 165, where it was near our next “buy-into” zone. Over the next few days, we would be looking over our holdings and see which had gone into the buy-into zones, provided if the markets are still on a downward trend, and probably initiate positions in them. There could be healthy companies which are being dragged down into the whole generic doom and gloom scenario.

To those who may have regretted not getting into bargains during the COVID period, or even further back in 2008/2009, this may be opportunity knocking again. The markets and the economy go through cycles, so there are Sundays and Mondays happening around.

Keep calm and stay invested.

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