Bob's Bedokian Portfolio

Welcome to Bob's Bedokian Portfolio, where we will use real market data to test out The Bedokian Portfolio.

Here are a few assumptions:

  1. For SGX listed securities: Transaction costs are at S$5 per trade.
  2. For U.S. listed securities: Transaction costs are at US$5 per trade.
  3. The trading day's exchange rate is used, based on data from Stocks Cafe.
  4. The "Last Done" price at the end of the trading day is used for the security price.
  5. In the event of no "Last Done" price for a security, the average between the bid and ask prices as at the end of the trading day is used as the price instead. 

You could see the current status here. Alternatively, visit my Stocks Cafe page.

Please note that the usual disclaimer applies.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    The Phillip APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF's base currency is in USD, therefore the dividends are received in USD. You can check it out at SGX's corporate announcement on dividend distribution for this REIT.

    As for your second question, you will need to check with your brokerage. Some brokerages allow you to choose the settlement currency (e.g. POEMS), while some may require you to fund the different currency accounts before purchasing (e.g. Stanchart).

    Hope these answer your questions.