Saturday, July 30, 2016


Welcome to The Bedokian Portfolio blog.

This blog is dedicated to The Bedokian Portfolio, a Singapore portfolio-based investment strategy that is primarily targeted at obtaining passive income from the financial markets, using financial instruments such as equities, bonds, REITs, commodities and cash. Therefore, the mantra of The Bedokian Portfolio is featured in the header, which is "Passive income through dividend and index investing".

From time to time I would be updating this blog with several observations and opinion pieces on the economy and market, as well as clarifications and elaborations of my eBook, The Bedokian Portfolio.

Although there are tons of investment books available out there, few are written with a Singapore context. Even so, fewer books are written from a portfolio perspective. I hope this eBook would fill this gap somehow.

The Bedokian Portfolio eBook is available for download from this blog, free of charge. Feel free to distribute this eBook to your family and friends.

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